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Buzz Perri at Buzz-A-Rama slot car raceway in Brooklyn, NY Buzz-A-Rama

69 Church Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11218-0053



Have your child’s next birthday party at



We are still having safe parties, fully complying with all rules and regulations of Covid=19.  Your child’s birthday is a very special occasion. Children today have been deprived of so much fun. How can you deprive them from celebrating their birthday with their selective friends.  We at Buzz-A-Rama have found a way of celebrating birthdays safely. 

1.  Our facility is 6,000 SF. plenty of room for social distancing.

2.  We check temperatures upon arrival, masks required.

3.  We keep families together, while separating other racers.

4. Ultra Violet Light is used to sterilize all our equipment Cars & Controllers.

5. The  party room if needed will maintain social distancing.


BUZZ-A-RAMA has been conducting birthday racing parties since their start (1965). Children who celebrated their birthday’s here are now bringing their children and grandchildren. It’s exciting to race miniature sports cars without the risk of danger.

Our 1/24th scale slot cars are 7 inches in length and 3 inches in width and are prototypes of a real car.  8 cars can be raced on each raceway.  BUZZ-A-RAMA has five racetracks, three of which can accommodate a total of up to 24 children for parties.  (The other tracks are used for privately owned cars).

The recommended age group for birthday parties for children is between 5 and 12 years of age. Some children under 5 can do this, but their attention span is limited and they lose interest unless they truly love cars, and may need adult help.  Each color-coded rental car is individually controlled and is operated by a hand control rheostat which children manipulate to guide the car around the track. 

Our smallest (YELLOW) track is 80 feet in lap length, the medium track (BLACK) is 95 feet and the large track (ORANGE) is 100 feet.

Depending on how many children attend your party will decide how many tracks you will need.  Each car is powered by a harmless miniature 12 volt D.C. motor that runs in a slot on the track.  Steering is not necessary as the car follows the slot in the track and the speed and performance is controlled with the hand controller.  Racing too fast (especially on the turns) will cause the cars guide shoe to de-slot and then it becomes necessary for someone to replace the car in the slot on the same color-coded lane.  At the conclusion of your time, we conduct a Wildcat Race to decide who develops the best skill of racing around the track without falling off.

Birthday Parties are based on a minimum of 8 children per track and a maximum of 24 children total for all 3 tracks.  The prices include the cars, controllers and track time. In the event that more than 24 children attend, there will be an extra $15.00 fee for each and every child over the limit of 24.

Buzz-A-Rama children’s parties are DROP OFF in nature. We recommend 3 adults per track to help place cars back in the slot if a child should de-slot. All other adults that show up are charged $10.00 each:

The discounted rates for one hour racing parties are:

YELLOW  TRACK  (small)  – Party rate  $150.00

BLACK  TRACK  (medium) – Party rate  $200.00

ORANGE  TRACK  (large)    –  Party rate  $250.00.

BLUE  “King” TRACK  (extra-large)   ask– for adults with their own cars and equipment (max. 30 min.)

If you do not schedule your party in advance with a deposit then regular prices will be charged.

Also available for one hour is our private party room, which can accommodate the children at your party.  The fee for this room is $100.00 for one hour.  At this time we supply enough tables and chairs for your guests.

Pizza and/or birthday cake is available locally or you may bring your own refreshments.

 There are also video games in this room which are put on FREE play.  They are turned on only if you ask for them and only after consumption of all foods, for the remainder of your time. (For children over 5)

We request  that you use the recycle barrels to avoid us from charging you a $25.00 fee for cleanup, or if you object or refuse to do this, than you will be required to take your trash with you.   

NO Pinatas, alcoholic beverages or smoking is allowed.

Please book your party well in advance to lock in your date and time slot, as we are limited to the number of parties we can accommodate.  All parties start promptly at 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM, or 5:00 PM sharp on weekends. If you have 24 children then your party will start at 12:30 PM only on weekends.  Weekdays (Mondays or Fridays) are available by special appointment for large groups only (24 children).

 Three track parties are only scheduled before business hours as our regular customers will not be able to play if you are using all tracks.

 If you have less than 24 children you CANNOT book 12:30 P.M. time slot unless you pay the full amount.

We do NOT allow any food or drinks in the track areas, and they must be confined to the party room only, if booked.

BUZZ-A-RAMA birthday party invitations are FREE of charge for parties booked 30 days in advance ONLY.  Please book your party early to avoid disappointment that your date and time  is no longer available.

BUZZ-A-RAMA also has special group rates for adults or corporate events.   Check us out and Inquire.

BUZZ-A-RAMA-  69 CHURCH AVE.  -P.O.BOX 180053   – BROOKLYN, NY 11218-0053

Give your child the thrill of their lifetime, and one which they will never forget!! We have people who have had their birthday party here when they were children and tell us how they remember the wonderful time and fun they had.

Before you schedule a party, you MUST 



If you want to leave your $50.00 deposit by check, please make checks payable to:


and mail to our P.O. Box 180053, Brooklyn, NY 11218-0053, or you  can drop your check or cash payment off  in person at Buzz-A-Rama. You must pay deposit within 7 days of booking your party, so we will have time to schedule another party on that date/time if  we do not receive your deposit.  NO DEPOSIT, NO PARTY.

 Our business hours are,  (Sat. 2:00PM – 7:00 PM, Sun. 2:00 PM- 6:00 PM)   

 We will not confirm your party date and time until we receive your deposit. (Checks and money orders take 10 days after receipt to process, payments by cash or Paypal are instant (within 24-48 hours). When your party is posted on the calendar, your party is confirmed. Balance of your party is due upon completion. Payment should be made by cash or check. Credit cards will require an additional convenience charge.
If you are not capable of booking your party online it can be done at Buzz-A-Rama, with cash deposit.
Make sure your date and time are firm (any changes in dates and time will be subject to an additional fee of $50.00 to make any changes.)  SO PLEASE MAKE SURE OF THE DATE AND TIME.  Do not book your party between June 10, and September 17,  2017. We are closed during the summer months.

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  1. Todd Brace permalink
    January 20, 2013 3:16 pm

    Raced slots as a kid in the 60’s, but in Maryland, not in your shop. Now I club race 1/32 scale cars. BUT I collect vintage slot cars and accessories. This weekend I bought a Buzz A Rama slot car box full of vintage slots, including a LaCucaracha, a Cox 2E Chaparral, a Russkit Porsche, Russkit Honda F1, GarVic Sonic Needle and some parts/controllers.

    The box is the typical slot car box of the day, but the exterior has been laminated and your logo painted on it. Inside is a Buzz A Rama pin. Judging from the issues of the Model Car Journal in the box, I would say this is vintage 1968.

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