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Results for 2nd “Invitational” Race held on the BLACK ROYAL track

April 4, 2012
by Buzz Perri

On Sunday February 19, 2012, our 1/32 scale racers, met again to compete on the black “ROYAL” track to try to get the edge on the competition, for points and the privilege of racing for the championship on our blue “KING” track.

Ten driver’s tried their skill on the white lane in trying to capture the pole position and the two other sit out spots in the MAIN event.

The fastest qualifier was Roger Browne with 18 laps/2 sections, 2nd was Chris De Vita with 17/37, 3rd sit out was Nick Traina with 17/34.

The remaining drivers would have to compete in the Semi-Final for the remaining slots in the Main.

First choice for lane in the semi went to Tom Foster who cut 17 laps/1 sections, followed by daughter Brooke Foster who got 15/20, next was Kevin Link with 15/14, then young Dovid Stern with 14/34, beating Freddie Arroyo who had 14/15 followed by Tommy Stern who tried desperately to keep up with son Dovid with 13/17.

In the Semi-final Tom Foster had first pick and went for the Purple lane, Brooke took the red lane, Kevin Link chose yellow, Dovid chose the green lane, Freddie Arroyo took the orange lane and Tommy Stern settled for white.

Kevin Link won the semi with 173 laps and chose purple lane in the Main. Then, Tom Foster was 2nd with 167 laps taking green lane. Brooke and Freddie were in the same lap with 153 laps but Brooke had more sections so she garnered 3rd and took yellow lane forcing Freddie to take orange, leaving Dovid to take blue.

The results of the MAIN Event which consisted of  8 heats of 5 minute duration. The overall winner was Chris De Vita who turned 359 laps, with 2nd being Roger Browne 348 laps, 3rd with 340 was Nick Traina and Kevin Link after just completing 173 laps in the semi was 4th with 324 laps. 5th was Tom Foster also moving up from the semi who did 319 laps. Daughter Brooke was 1 lap behind dad with 318 laps in 6th, beating Fred and Dovid who were 7th and 8th respectively.

All Main event drivers finished the race so were eligible for points that will be added to their first race points. When I get a chance to total all the points the top 8 drivers with the most points will compete in the last race which will be held on the KING track for the CHAMPIONSHIP.

 Date and time will be announced shortly.



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