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Results of 1/32 Scale Invitational Race– Jan. 15, 2012

January 18, 2012
by Buzz Perri

January 15, 2012 Slot Car Race at Buzz-A-RamaEleven entries braved the coldest day of the new year and were eligible to compete in this race. It was held on the Orange “MONARCH” track which is an American Raceway’s 100 ft. road course. Many members opted out or refused to compete due to the many restrictions imposed, but this made for a fun, exciting and enjoyable race to witness. The drivers, spectators, turn marshalls and yours truly, experienced slot car racing at its finest. The drivers were forced to compete on a level playing field with the rules that were enforced, so the cars were equal and their driving ability came into play.

The day began with driver registration and having their cars inspected for the various tech rules. Most complied with several needing to make minor adjustments. With inspection over, drivers were ready to qualify for the pole position. Qualification consisted of  racing their car to get as many laps and sections on the red lane as possible in the allotted time. When qualifying was done the results were, 1st Roger Browne 12-15, 2nd Chris DeVita 11-1, 3rd Dennis Browne 11.0, 4th was a tie between Tom Foster and Kevin Link each with 10-29, 6th was Freddie Arroyo 10-16, 7th Nick Traina 10-2, 10th Dovid “Leo” Stern 9-3 and Abba Tommy Stern 11th.

It was decided to run 2 semi finals consisting of 4 drivers in each with 3 sit out positions for the top 3 in the main event. The semi’s would be 4 heats of 5 minute duration. The best and top 5 drivers would move up to the finals. Since their races were timed, the top 5 from either semi would make the main. At the end of the semi finals, 1st move up was Nick Traina who emerged with 203-13, Tom Foster was next with 188-25, next Kevin Link 177-32, Freddie Arroyo 177-3 and last move up was Nick Perri 170-36. These 5 would join the 3 Main sit outs which were, Roger Browne (fastest qualifier), Chris DeVita and Dennis Browne.

The Main Event was 40 minutes and would be run on all 8 lanes and were 5 minute heats each with a 2 minute pause between lane changes to change lane stickers, oil or make any minor adjustments. Starting on the red lane would be Roger Browne, Chris DeVita on black, Dennis Browne on purple. These were the drivers to watch as they were the fastest qualifiers. Of the remaining lanes left, Nick Traina chose yellow, Tom Foster picked white, Kevin Link wanted blue lane, Freddie Arroyo decided on orange and Nick Perri settled for the green lane. The cars looked stunning on the starting line. Camera’s were flashing and Kevin Link posted his picture on Buzz-A-Rama facebook page for all to see at the conclusion of the race.

THE MAIN EVENT—-   It was a close beginning as Roger and Nick Traina led the first segment with 49 laps each. Chris  was on black and was having some sort of problem as he had only 41 laps. Freddie was a disaster, trying to keep his car on the track and avoiding the many mishaps. Roger Browne, led the race up to the 6th segment by as many as 10 laps and then began to slow down which made him end up in 2nd place with a total of 386-12. Nick Traina nosed him out with 387 laps for the victory and $100.00 purse in merchandise plus championship points. 3rd place was Chris DeVita, 4th Tom Foster, Kevin Link pulled in 5th. 6th Dennis Browne 341 DNF, 7th Nick Perri 294 DNF and 8th Freddie Arroyo 208 DNF.

The next race will be held on Sunday February 19, 2012 on the BLACK track.  There will be slight modifications to the rules. I would like to thank the turn marshalls for the wonderful job they did as we did not have track calls and when 3 cars come off at a turn during a race, it becomes very hectic. For those drivers that did not make it. Improve your driving skills as the old saying goes, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.    Thanks All, Your Race Director,   Buzz

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