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Results of NASCAR Stocker Race 3-5-12 Orange Track- Battery Power

March 19, 2012
by Buzz Perri

Fourteen racers descended at Buzz-A-Rama on Sunday, March 5, 2012 at 6:00 P.M. to race their NASCAR type stock cars. Qualifying would be on the Green Lane of the Orange “MONARCH” track.

All the cars were 1/24 scale NASCAR stockers with 3 correct numbers placed in the right position on the cars, driver interiors were mandatory along with the stock rules to be legal.

The race would be run on battery power.

After tech inspection, the cars are impounded. This prevented anyone from tinkering with their car until it was time to start their qualifying run.

Persons signing up first would be the last to qualify. When entries were announced everyone wanted to sign up first. This solved the problem of the driver’s wanting to be the last person which consisted of driving one minute to see how many laps and sections of track they could do. The track length is divided into 38 equal sections so that we can break a tie if 2 racers had the same number of laps.

Chris DeVita was the first to qualify and cut 13 laps 31 sections. The driver’s had a goal to shoot for. Kevin Link was flying and did a 14/32 which was a full lap more than Chris. Things settled down a bit when Fred Arroyo managed a 11/37, from thereon qualifying was in the 11’s until Roger Browne came to bat and cut a 15/10 which was the fastest qualifier for the night.

 The order of the time trials for the night were in this order. Behind Roger Browne was 2nd Kevin Link and 3rd Chris DeVita. These gentlemen would be the sitouts for the Main Event.

4th was Dennis Browne (son of Roger), 5th Dovid Stern (11 years old),  6th Nick Traina, 7th Rob Penn, 8th Tommy Stern (Abba to Dovid), 9th Fred Arroyo, 10th Nick Perri, 11th Tom Foster, 12th TJ Foster (son of Tom), 13th John California, 14th Jacob Anderson in his first outing and our youngest driver.

We ran 2 Semi Finals an “A” & “B with 5 moveups to the Main with the 3 sitouts.  First time Jacob Anderson really got his feet wet and did pretty well against the more experienced racers.  He was 8th out of 11 drivers in the semi’s which was phenomenal for a first timer so young.  A little more practice and he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Total laps and sections in the “A” &”B” semi’s where the following moveups.  From the “B” semi was TJ Foster who won with 208/32 laps & sections, 2nd Tom Foster and 3rd Nick Perri.  From the “A” semi the moveups were Dennis Browne 213/2 and Tommy Stern.

The lineup for the Main event was;  Red- Roger Browne, White- Dennis Browne, Green- TJ Foster, Orange- Nick Perri, Blue- Tommy Stern, Yellow- Tom Foster, Purple- Kevin Link and Black- Chris DeVita.

The main would be run with 8 – 5 minute heats with a 2 minute time for lane change and stickers. The winner was Dennis Browne who did 496/27 laps for the victory. Dennis did very well in the first half of the race as he completed enough laps to carry him through the rest of the race. 2nd was Kevin Link with 484/35 laps, Roger Browne pulled in 3rd with 465/32, 4th was Chris DeVita with 464/35,  5th was Nick Perri with 433/7 ,  6th was Tom Foster with 429/7 , these drivers all shares in the purse for merchandise. 7th was TJ Foster, 8th was Tommy Stern 422-30 who received track time.

All main event drivers finished the race, we did not have any DNF’s. The rest of the drivers received track time. It was a fun and exciting race and I would like to thank the turn marshalls for the excellent job they did. It wasn’t easy because of the no track call rule.  The next race is going to be held shortly on the Blue King track as soon as the computer glitch will be straightened out.



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